Our Computer Center

The Squish application is housed and operated within the IMS Inc. owned computer center which provides resources for client/server applications development, UNIX/Linux server analytic resources, SQL server applications development, and Web applications.

This center provides:

  • Linux and Windows resources configured as a networked system of computers where services and resources are distributed across multiple specialized servers.
  • Redundancy built into the design and implementation of systems for all mission critical services and components. This redundancy allows critical services to continue even in the event of a single component failure during off hours.
  • A highly reliable environment with minimal downtime that is available 24/7.
  • System administrators available during normal business hours.
  • 48 hours advance notice sent via e-mail to users when routine scheduled downtime is necessary.
  • Maintenance of the center and upgrades to operating systems performed by IMS Inc. staff.